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Pursuit Of Thinness

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About the Author

Louetta likens herself to a proud wife and mother of 2. Her latest endeavour takes on the form of this fiction novel that outlines her real-life experience at the Eating Disorders Unit of a hospital. This novel keeps the reader delving into the darkest recesses of the mind and its obsession with thinness.

Having witnessed the detriments of eating disorders which plagued her best friend and several other patients in the ward, Louetta aims to shed light on such illnesses and the debilitating effects they can have on the human body. Perhaps the maternal instinct of a mother, or perhaps the inner calling of a documentarian, Louetta draws heavy influences from her best friend and recounts her experiences through the perspective of her protagonist, Tenisha, a disconsolate 17 year-old languishing in her eating disorder. Louetta hopes to call for greater awareness and support to those afflicted, as well as to those fighting alongside them.

Writing aside, Louetta enjoys journaling about her daily life and the experiences derived from the people around her.

To find out more about Louetta’s book, please visit the Derrick Ong Foundation’s website at, where you can also purchase a copy of it.

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